Stretagic Management

Our operations strategy focuses on differentiation, based on two practices: “The CORE
Business", and “Modular Expansion".

The Core Business

Our goal is to use over 80% of our resources on the company’s critical activity, R+D+l, involving moving out all complementary processes to third parties by means of alliances, associations or contracts without losing control over our business. This will allow us to maintain a lean administrative structure, sufficient for managing the company and supporting operational, management and outsourcing control activities. In the end this will increase our flexibility, facilitating our growth processes.

Modular expansion

The R+D+I structure at the heart of the company is organized by modules and in cycles, relating to critical technologies that are identified. Each of the system's modules corresponds to a multidisciplinary work team, specializing in one area of the technology. This allows the company to maintain a clear relationship between products being researched and their productive pertinence, facilitating the creation and evaluation of market-contextualized goals. The structure can expand, contract or be reorganized quickly and economically by adding, eliminating or reassigning teams according to identified priorities.

From It’s complementary application, we obtain dynamism, eficiency and agility to be competitive, grow and create value.