Corporative Competitive Advantage

As a company, CORE B & B operates within a quickly developing market, characterized by intense competition and rapid technological change. On a global level there are a large number of new companies trying to make headway in the market with modern and innovative technologies. Nonetheless, few of these reach a successful marketing stage with their products or, more importantly, manage to sustain the R+D+I processes necessary for their consolidation.

In order to achieve this, the CORE model focuses on exploiting its critical capacities:

• Efficiently detect opportunities for innovation, derived from unattended needs in the market -or- needs that are badly attended by existing products.

• Discriminate opportunities that can feasibly be covered with the company’s installed capacity.

• Manage that capacity efficiently, and strengthen it strategically by means of alliances and associations.

• Use novel and creative approaches to respond to critical questions.

• Be intensive in knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness.